3 steps up and 6 back

Trump criticized for comments on Muslim mother of fallen US soldier

I worked with a great guy years back in the construction industry named John K. John was the nicest guy in the world; a very solid citizen, a patriot and hard-nosed son of a bitch (said with respect).

John K and I  had a lot of things in common. Both Marines and too many other unflattering unmentionables to put in ink.

John was decorated Jar Head that served at the Chosen Reservoir (AKA The Frozen Chosen) battle in the Korea War, one of the bloodiest battles ever.  He and a few other Marines made it out alive. That experience had a life long adverse effect on John.


A column of the U.S. 1st Marine Division move through Chinese lines during their breakout from the Chosin Reservoir

Date 27 November – 13 December 1950
Location Chosin Reservoir, in modern-day Changjin County, South Hamgyong Province, North Korea
Result Chinese pyrrhic victory [1][2]

  • Failed Chinese encirclement of US forces at Chosin Reservoir
  • US withdrawal; Successful Chinese recovery of Northeast Korea
  • 40% of Chinese combat forces in Korea disabled until March 1951


 United Nations


Commanders and leaders

Douglas MacArthur
Edward Almond
Oliver P. Smith
Mao Zedong
Peng Dehuai
Song Shi-Lun

Units involved

see Battle of Chosin Reservoir order of battle See Battle of Chosin Reservoir order of battle


Nominal: 103,520[3]
Committed: ~30,000[4]
Nominal: 150,000[5]
Committed: ~120,000[6]

Casualties and losses

U.S. sources:
1,029 killed
4,894 missing
4,582 wounded
7,338 non-battle casualties[7][a]
17,843 total
15 tank losses[8]
Chinese estimation:
Chinese sources:
19,202 battle casualties
28,954 non-battle casualties[9]
Unofficial estimations: ~60,000[10][b]
UN estimation:
29,800 battle casualties
20,000+ non-battle casualties[11]

John was on and off of the sauce many time during his struggles to drown out his horrific memories in the military.

On occasion when John was hitting the juice  pretty good, I watched him try to climb the slope of a hill. He took 3 steps forward and 6 backward, yet he never stopped trying to climb the hill.

In his own stubborn, determined way, he refused help from anyone including his wife and kids.  There wasn’t anything anyone could do for John, he had to do it for himself.

Happy to say, after years for trying to climb the hill he finally got a grip on himself and stayed sober the rest of his life. John K was one of most outstanding people I ever met. He was truly a man’s man!!!!

In some respects, The Trumpster is a lot like John. A times he misbehaves like a 10-year-old kid and then he tries clean it up. He takes 3 steps in the right direction and 6 backward. It is a compulsion with the guy and it is not doing him any good. Like my dear friend John; Trump has to learn how to put down the sauce (his compulsion to fly off the handle).

This is a big hang-up with Trump and Bill’s bride  knows it. She will be prodding, twisting an digging anywhere and everywhere she can to get an adverse reaction form Trump when they debate. The worst thing he can do is loose his composure.

I still marvel at the fact; Trump knows what he is doing when he spouts off the way he does but he can not control his urges. The guy is shooting himself in his own foot. Especially with how close this election is going to be, he needs every 1/2 vote he can get. He would do a lot better if he exercised more self-control.


Either he doesn’t have anyone in his organization that has the goolunies to tell him to tone it down or if he does, he is not smart enough to listen to them.

Donald; if you are reading the GG; I told you awhile back, I am still available. My rates are reasonable. I have the tools to put you on the right path, believe me!!

His is probably right when he says Mr. Kahn’s wife is not ALLOWED to  speak but it is not necessary to comment on every situation, especially if it is derogatory.

Trump, during an interview with ABC’s “This Week,” said: “She had nothing to say. She probably, maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say. You tell me.”

Wise up Donald; the clock is ticking. Sometime you are taking 3 steps forward up the political slope and 6 steps backward. Not a very good strategy.

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2 Responses to 3 steps up and 6 back

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Ninety days to go until ballots are cast. Trump is doing okay, and the mouthing off issues are because he is in business, where bosses mouth off, as a cultural thing. Pence needs to school him on politics, because they are going to have stewardship of our nation and all the people; All different races, religions, ethnicities. Don’t alienate, because that is what Marxists, do. I too have said, that Trump needs to watch interviews of politicians and sports people such as Bobby V., of the NY Mets, who played the sportswriters like a Stradivarius. Kept his cards close to his vest. Told the frogs with cameras and recorders that he would not qualify questions, and when they broke his balls, he simply said, “Interview, concluded”.

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