Same old sad story

Clinton: Nation is “once again at a moment of reckoning”

Accepting Democratic nod, Clinton addressed America’s strength and outlined her case against Donald Trump

Ever since the guys that wore the wigs put together  our political system; all we had were politicians running our country.

The wig guys were solid citizens that loved the country they lived in and wanted to develop and protect it the best way possible.

Like anything thing else; over a period of time, the root of all evil $$$$$$$$ became more and more prominent in the everyday activities of running the country.  What does $$$$$$$ always bring with it, greed – corruption – crime – crooks – dishonest politicians.

Everyone has been talking about it for years; the best way to get our country back on track is to take the politicians out of politics.

They have become too powerful – too comfortable – arrogant – self-serving and control freaks. Now the country has the chance of a lifetime to do exactly what many have been asking for; take the politicians out of politics with a man who can’t be bought – bribed – coerced –  manipulated – pushed around – has been super successful in the private sector – is a true patriot and much, much more.

Is he perfect? Hell no but who is. At least his is not a lying hypocrite. When making a critical choice in our lives; we always have to consider the alternative.


The reason the nay sayer and the Good Old Boys Club (GOBC) are so adamantly opposed to him; he is the new sheriff in town and is going to clean house.

Years and years of the politicians controlling our government have brought it nothing but whore deals for their own personal gain.

Why is it that many politicians go into politics wearing shoes with hole in the bottom and come out driving Jaguars, living in multi million dollar houses???? It is all about the $$$$$ FOLKS.

What other job can a person have that requires so little work for so much pay, with some many CONNECTIONS and is virtually impossible to get fired from???

All we have been hearing from the DNC (Disillusioned Narcissistic Counsel)  is the same old download (4)stories year after year.

It is time to put a new guy in office who has a new mentality and has been known for getting things done, not just talking about them.

Today I have one question for all Americans. Why is our country in the dire shape it is in?? (If you want to believe the democrats, all they see is a field full of flowers, when in reality, we have a multitude of briar patches in our path). It is because, day after day after day it is business as usual in DC. Same old rhetoric, same old excuses. Never ever is there any accountability.

It is time for a change FOLKS. Open your eyes and ears instead of having your head where the sun doesn’t shine and see the reality of what the USA is up against. Why, because of our current and past leadership.

If you have any sense at all; you will know where to put your X when the time comes.

Let’s download (4)out of office and get someone in there that is not part of the good old boys club and CAN NOT be bought off by anyone. Let us show Bill’s bride what her day of reckoning really means.

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