It is a matter of survival

1 San Diego cop killed, another wounded in shooting

If this is what it takes to keep the Men and Ladies in Blue safe, so be it. Whenever  a cop pulls ANYONE over, they should have to get out of their vehicle with their hands in the air before the cops approach the car.

Forget about the ACLU – Black Lives Matter or any other organization that is opposed to this way of saving cops lives.  This is a war that the cops are in with a group of crazy bastards that are out to wipe out as many cops as they can. Unusual circumstances require unusual actions.  This approach will definitely cut down on the number of cops being killed.

Anyone that is opposed to this method does not have the welfare of the cops in their forefront. All it will take is the implementation for a year or so and it will become part of the routine of being pulled over.  This will take the upper hand away from the cop killers.

It is a disgrace that our country has evolved to that point but it is a matter of life and death for the cops.

Whether most people know it or not, without the cops out there to keep peace, this country will start to look like Beirut, Lebanon.  In some cities like Chicago, it already has.


Change the laws – protect the cops and put an end to these monstrous crimes.

The police departments around the country still have a lot of work to do getting rid of the Cowboys on their force and to prosecute the offenders to the fullest extent of the law. Many of them fools  still have not learned anything!!!

What the ^((&%$%^()(_)# is the matter with this bully. His stupidity is off the charts. This guy should go to jail for a couple of years to get his mind right for the misuse of power/force, especially  on a defenseless women.

It takes a combined effort all side to put an end to this insanity!!!!!!!

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