Noodle used their noodle

Virginia police officer refused service at Noodles & Co.; Two employees fired for their ‘inexcusable actions’

I am happy to see that Noodles used their noodle and showed the  two bigotted people that refused to wait on the cops the exit door.

It is very important to support out Men & Ladies in Blue.

What I would like to see a little poetic JUSTICE.  Someday one or both of those idiots should have a gun stuck in the face by some crazed killer and that same cop is 5 feet away. I wonder if they would  have a different attitude about the cops then????

The ignorance of some people is astounding.

We must evaluate all people by their own merits not by what other like them have said or done.

No one on this earth is responsible for their father’s sins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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