Where have they been????

Obama’s Best Case for Hillary Clinton: His Own Presidential Legacy


In his convention speech tonight, Barack Obama might best help his intended successor by defending his own record.

Huffington Post comments in black – The Goomba Gazette’s comments in red

Gotta be kidding me. DELUSIONAL is the only word that comes to me when I hear the illogical conversation like this.

BUT – BUT – BUT; being dedicated to the truth and I do research all of my posts before publishing them, this is what I found reading the Huffington Post.

Some of what Obama has achieved these last 6 years:

1. The smallest deficit since 2008. In only 6 years we’ve cut it by MORE THAN HALF. Why is has our national debt has doubled since he has been in office and there is no end in sight?? Click on this website but keep your puking pale close by. Gotta make a person throw out!!  http://www.usdebtclock.org/


2. Unemployment is now below 6%, from above 10% in 2008. From what I understand, 1,000’s and 1,ooo’s of people have dropped off of the unemployment ranks because they have been on it so long they gave up on trying to get employed. Their numbers are not in the record books. Jobs that have been created by Obama are in the lower brackets of the financial markets. Kids getting out of college are unemployed for years before they get a job.

3. We, Americans, are producing MORE energy than we ever had before so that no foreign nation can ever blackmail us over its oil.  ????????
4. We, Americans, are producing more CLEAN ENERGY that we have ever produced in our history.  ????????
5. Funding in Education to educate our kids and protect teachers’ jobs. Where is all of the funding coming from? Stealing from Peter to pay Paul. All the government is doing is printing more and more money to camouflage the debt.
6. President Obama achieved Health Care Reform (after 5 presidents over the past 100 years were unable to do it). With the Affordable Care Act, Americans’ finances beside their health, become, in the long run, HEALTHY. It is very clear that the people writing this article are very biased toward Obama. The un-affordable health care plan is a financial disaster for most Americans.
7. Peace. President Obama has kept America from going to war or invading some other countries. He ended the Iraq war and is ending the war in Afghanistan. Plus, though he doesn’t brag, let’s not forget that he got Osama bin Laden and numerous other terrorist leaders just as he is now, in his intelligent and wise ways, countering the terrorism of ISIS. Yes, HE HAS KEPT AMERICA SAFE!!!

If they can call dissecting the military to it’s lowest level in decades, keeping us safe, there is a problem.

If they boast that America is safer because of Obama, a man that does not even want to identify the enemy for who they really are, extreme Islamic terrorists, they really have a problem.

If they want to brag about releasing terrorists from Gitmo that immediately rejoin the ranks from where they came from, they have a problem.

To release 1,000’s of prisoners, some having very violent and dangerous rap sheets a good idea, they have a problem.

If they want to say that allowing 10’s of 1,000’s of illegals in this country that have not been properly vetted, they have a problem. 

If they say that a president that stands behind Sanctuary Cities to protect criminals, they have a real problem.

If they can not admit that Obama made the worst deal in political history with Iran, they have a severe problem. They are just for starters.

The major problem is, the repercussions of these ill-fated decisions are not going to surface for years to come. When they do, all hell is going to break loose unless we get someone of a different mentality in the Big Chair to clean up this mess. 


Unfortunately; as a common citizen, not having access to the books of record,  I can’t substantiate most of these claims (in black) or deny them.  When there are multiple sets of records kept and we have pathological liars running our country, the real truth can not ever be determined. One thing I have found out; believe half of what you see and none of what you hear!!

So if this is their best shot for Bill’s bride at the DNC for her  to live up to and continue with Obama’s legacy, they are pissing up a rope and I hope to comes back into their face.

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