She will beat herself

There is an old say that goes; you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

I think that Bill’s bride – her lies – supremacist ego – arrogance – I can do what I want when I want and how I want attitude have all finally caught up to the old gal.

This morning The Trumpster has pulled ahead of her in the polls.

The Clinton Machine and their unscrupulous method of operating are notoriously legendary but the fools that support them don’t seem to care. After awhile, I would think that even their staunchest supporters would finally open their eye as to how deep their deception and dirty politics have gone.

Based on all of the proven/documented  crimes and evidence against her,  I can not even imagine that she would get 10 votes.

What type of person would vote for Clinton based on the track record she has? Birds of a feather – someone who has lived under a rock most of their life – a delusional, gullible person or someone who is that ignorant that they don’t care about the person’s character that can possibly be representing them from the Big Chair.

To the Clinton’s’ it is not about the American people, it is all about them.

The foolish people who follow  them are cut from the same cloth as the  supporters of the Sharpless that has been on the con for years.  They are diehards to the end.

Albert has rap sheet that rivals Jesse James but yet the president appointed him to his cabinet and his followers keep throwing 100 bills at his feet. I can’t figure it out.


People that keep going back to the same used car salesman time after time; every time they take a beating; can be called masochist that love to get beat up and abused.


It would be an entirely different set of circumstances if all of these crimes and breakings of the rules involving Bill’s bride have not been substantiated  by authorities. They are in the record books.


Let’s hope the hounds stay on Bill’s bride and give her the justice she deserves.  If we think the USA is in bad shape now (Obama and company does not); give her 4 to  8 years at the helm to see what disaster really looks like.

Only about 25%  in the black community think that Obama truly went to bat for them. Not impressive numbers.


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