RESPECT is the answer to all ……

Through the years I have used two words to describe the answer to all of the world’s problems. EDUCATION & RESPECT

Laura is a lady after my own heart. She shoots straight from the hip and tells it like it is.

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I have done dozens of posts where I refer to RESPECT and EDUCATION as the two keys to all of the major problems in the world.

If everyone respected everyone else – their lifestyles – their opinion – what race they are – their religious beliefs – where they come from – who their Daddy is; we would not have all of the animosity , killing and destruction we do in this world. RESPECT – not like, not love just RESPECT.

If kids are EDUCATED from birth to RESPECT the rest of mankind, we could take all the bombs – rocket – rifles – pistols and any other weapons, dump the in the Mariana Trench and never have to use them again.

Marianatrenchmap  36,070′ deep –  7,819 deeper than Mt. Everest is high.

What is preventing that from happening; ignorance – greed – corruption – entitlement – politics – lack of family values/unity and a multitude of other basic elements were are born with but somehow have been eroded as we grow up.

Personally, I believe as a whole, mankind could make this adjustment and make it happen but the world’s leaders and the super-wealthy are too greedy and corrupt.  There are trillions of dollars made each year on wars and hatred.

Will all people in the world ever get to that point in their lives when they RESPECT their fellow-man? I doubt it.

With a solution this simple; it is astounding that everyone can’t come together and make it happen.


Wise up FOLKS; our future generations are depending on all of us!!! If you love your kids and grandkids, EDUCATE them on how to RESPECT one another. It has to be an across the board endeavour. Possibly some of us will have to take a few lessons first.

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