Do I have a deal for you suckers!!!!

I have to compare ALL of the people that are now supporting or going to vote for Bill’s Bride as foolish as someone that keeps going back to the same used car lot and dealing with the same con artist.

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At this point; the only thing I can call them are gluttons  for punishment, to fall for the same old bull shit stories time after time. How many times is a person supposed to be burned by the same person and continue going back for more??

The ONLY reason there is so much big money in her corner is for past – future favors or pay back if she gets to sit in the Big Chair. She has accepted donations from more questionable sources through the years than Cheerio’s have oats.

Let the records speak for themselves.


Listen to Benny all of you Clinton SHEEP. This is what the political wolves are doing to you. You either don’t know it – don’t care or maybe both. That is too BAAAAAAD

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