Total denial or something else critically wrong

One question I would like to ask Mr. O; WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN????

His take on Trump’s speech last night is; The Donald is overblowing the severity of all situations that are plaguing this country and the world.

Tell him to ask the cops and the black population if they are having any problems lately.  Ask the people in Europe if they have fallen on bad times. Ask the people that have been out of work for years  if they are having a problem. Ask the families of the people that are being slaughtered or molested by the illegals if they are having a problem.  Ask him why all of the infrastructures are crumbling under our feet while he is passing out the free-bees to all of his pet ptojects and to our enemies all over the world. Does he really expect anyone with any common sense to believe his same old rhetoric? That is just for starters.

Let him tell the families of all the victims that there is not a problem. Is it denial or some other affliction that incurable??

Tell it to these victims.

Police say ‘several dead and wounded’ in Munich mall shooting; one or more shooters on the loose

This can be compared to someone participating in the running of the bulls, reading a book and eating an apple while he is walking down the street with the beasts charging him.  I think the word is oblivious. Just does not add up.

If people are supposed to come to their own conclusion as to WHY Mr. O is so nonchalant about these dire matters, their perception has to be viewed as very twisted.

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