The Donald extravganza

I don’t care who the person is – what religion they are – what color their skin is – how much soldi do they have under their mattress – what part of the country they live in – what their political persuasion is –  who their Ma Ma is; they will have to admit that Donald Trump gave a powerful speech last night.


Everything he said has been noted and documented as facts. With all of the substantiated  actualities he presented regarding Bill’s bride – her deliberate lies times after time – her arrogance – breaking the law with impunity – disregard for our military, the people who keep her butty safe – and so forth; who in their right mind, except a stone fool would vote for a person of her caliber, except someone of her caliber.

If only 1/10 of these facts are true, that alone should disqualify anyone from running for any political office, let alone the Big Chair.

Trump made a very powerful speech last night. Can he accomplish everything he promised? Your guess is a good as mine.  Are his intentions legitimate? You bet they are.

No one else in the history of the any government or political ambition gave up as much as Trump has and will when elected  to make the country great again. As I said many times; he is going to have to take a step down when he moves into the Casa Bianca. There is not another person in the country or the world for that matter that would alter their life style so dramatically to do what is right for their country. If that alone doesn’t demonstrate his integrity, I don’t know what does.

Based on his sometime rough exterior, it is hard to see the true qualities in the man. It has to be up close and personal. From what we have seen in his children and witnessed in the recent months since he has toned down his rhetoric; he is one solid citizen – a true patriot that ALWAYS has the interest of the little guy come first. He is a true believer.

The USA is in a very unique position by putting Trump in the Big Chair. He has all of the business as usualbums shivering in their boots. Due to the fact that he has not and will not  sell his soul to anyone unlike the majority of politicians do, this man is going to clean house –  kick ass and take names – rid the hall of the deal makers – cut out the cronyism and for the first time in many years, make sure that the American citizens are taken care of before the rest of the world, as it should be.

Highlight of Trump’s speech:

After listening to that speech; who can tell me what is the downside is????? These are all documented fact that CAN NOT be denied by anyone except a pathological liar or a mentally challenged person.

As you can see; NBC News had this video on their website that is very unusual for a liberal news media. The Trumpster must be getting to the naysayers a little at a time. I say FANTASTIC!!!!! It is about time.

Let us all do our best to put Trump in the Big Chair in order to get the USA back to where it was as the leader in the free world, with honor and the dignity it deserves.

It is time to get the   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA out and clean up all of the trash.  The country has been used and abused for decades by politicians and their partners in crime, fleecing the shit out of the American people with no concern for themselves alone. We all have the power to put someone in the Casa Bianca that is going to put an end to this business as usual.

As I have stated before.  The selfish – beat up – shamed – pampered idiots in the republican party that do not or will not support Trump are only doing it for one reason; THEY CAN NOT CONTROL HIM.  They see the handwriting on the wall and Trump has all of the erasers locked up.

I did this post back in April

Let the games begin

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