Scum of the scum

Marine vet, 81, held hostage in motel room for 4 years, police reveal

The scumbag in the pictures name is Perry Conigilo. Forget going through legal channels; he needs to be turned over to a platoon of Marines and show him what Jarhead justice is all about.

Perry Coniglio.


held an 81-year-old Marine Corps veteran (name withheld) hostage in his squalid motel room for at least four years in order to steal his benefits checks. It is a shame Perry the Punk didn’t pull this shenanigan when  the old Jarhead was in his prime.

Police Chief Jack Quinn said the veteran received a “tremendous amount of money” each month in Social Security benefits, pension check and food stamps, though investigators wouldn’t divulge the exact total.

Whenever we think we have seen it all; another slimy worm comes slithering across the room and needs to be crushed.


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