Oil Can Harry – Scumbag personified

Way back when, I labeled Teddy Oil Can Harry. Again, he didn’t disappoint the public and has proven that besides me, a lot of other people  were right; he is a snake in the grass. Last night in Cleveland he showed his true colors; that he has no true colors!!!


Teddy Boy; one of the hypocrites that took the pledge to support the top pick in the republican party, demonstrated his integrity and his true character. The old cliché honor among thieves certainly does not apply to most of the people politics.

Last night, the entire convention and the world waited patiently for Harry to come out and fulfill his promise to support the chosen one but all he did was campaign for his own office in 2020.  The guy is a slime bag.

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These guys could be twins

Where I was brought up, there was an unspoken code that all of us lived by, or else.  Never fuck with a guys wife – daughter or other family member. Shoot the guy – beat him with a bat – put him in sick bay for a years but leave the family out of the hassle.

What Harry did to Trump’s wife shows the code of ethics that the scumbag Harry lives by.  I don’t care whose wife or family it is, they are off limits.


If The Trumpster would have gone over to whatever rock Harry was hiding under and kicked the shit out of him, I think he would have been praised by most people for his actions; possibly with the exception of the Pathetic PC-ers.

The PC-ers  have no code of ethics, except to, run away – hide – pretend problems do not exist and show off their cowardliness.  Their mentality and conception of rationalization is way beyond belief.

They absolutely live in a different world then the rest of us do.

We have severe problems in this country and around the world that can not be solved by sticking a flower into the barrel of the enemies rifle. The brainwashed  PC-ers don’t seem to think we have a problem. The only thing we should be  sticking into our enemies rifle is a bigger one.


There are many ways to measure a person and their worth;  from where I sit, Harry gets a 6 minus out of a possible 10 for his deception and lack of integrity.

I will not go so far to say I would rather have the demo-crab as president but it would be a close call.

The more I see of Trump – his support team – the way he raised his kids – his direct way of approaching a situation – his patriotism – his giant balls and so much more, the more I am totally convinced he is the man for The Big Chair.

If the naysayers are comfortable and satisfied with the way the country has fallen apart in the last 7.5 years, they can vote democrat. If not, their choice is very simple.  More and more people that don’t have blinders on are crossing over.

How in God’s name can Bill’s bride who has a history of lying – deceptive – corruptness – deliberate breaking of the law,  be trusted to run this country. All of those stigma’s seem to be the norm in the most of the democratic party.  They tell so many lies they can’t keep track of them. Over 20% of the population believe that Bill’s bride is a chronic liar. That is a huge number.


The American people want to be told the truth as to the conditions that exist, not be given a lot of download (4).

I hope for the sake of the USA, being able to get out of this deep dark-hole we are in, the voters in November make their mark using the heads instead of their hearts. This election is one of, if not, the most critical in our history. We do not need any Oil Can Harry or Bill’s bride in the Casa Bianca.

I know that Donald Trump will take the bull by the horns and do what is best for the salvation of the USA.

I will give him a Semper Fi even though he was not a Jar Head!!!

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