Need changes soon

The North Miami cop that shot this man deserves to be sent to jail for a long time and never be permitted to own a gun or wear a uniform again.

Watch the video. This guy was absolutely no threat to anyone. He asked the cop why he shot him; the cops answer;  he didn’t know.

Cops like this are the out of control fools that are one of the primary reasons this country is in such turmoil and they are not smart enough to use more discretion.  What the hell does it take to get across to some people?? There has to be a solution and it MUST come from the people that head the police departments.

I recommend that competency tests should be given every year or 6 months if necessary, to make sure the cops are mentally stable. I will agree that it is a very stressful job and it may take a toll on some cops more than other, so testing should be SOP  (standard operational procedure).

Whatever it takes, something has to be done.

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One Response to Need changes soon

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Most likely:
    (A) Distrust due to the recent cop killings;
    (B) The cops might have feared an explosive device, because when I saw the hospital setting, the man is wearing a beard with trim mustache, maybe similar to Muslim grooming.
    (C) Refusal to disconnect from the scene, as the man is warning the other, rather than complying with lawful order to, “Don’t move!”. Second male, possible justified use of deadly physical force, mentally ill, or not.

    Could it have been handled differently? Perhaps. When the male identified himself as a therapist, order should have been give to roll on the stomach, cross ankles, and lock fingers behind head. If he refuses to comply, open fire, as something caused a reaction requiring the cops to react the way they did. I would have had two cops cover me, and I would go up to the second male and give him an infantry kick to put him down, then cuff. If he jumps with a weapon, those covering, open fire. But what happened looks like the cops were expecting an ambush. BLM unintended consequence (?). I’m not thrilled with it, as what is happening is a disconnect of the police and the community. I worked one of the worst ghettos in America, and many residents were very nice people. Something since that time, has “Changed”.

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