Pig in a poke

Roger Ailes, 21st Century Fox in talks for his departure

After all of the denial; Roger The Dodger or should I say The Chaser Ailes is making arrangements to get his hat from Fox.

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It seems that the old pig had an affection for all of the foxy ladies (said with respect) at Fox including Megyn Kelly.

When the sexual harassment allegations came out from Gretchen Carlson, the pig denied there was ever any inappropriate action on his part. Since then, there have been numerous other ladies that  have come out of their closet and claim they also have been abused.

I don’t care what people will admit to; 20th Century Fox, the parent company of FOX, other people had to know what this dirty old man was up to.

All in all, the pig in the poke will be coming out of this pretty well healed by getting his old ass kicked out of the company. It is reported that Ailes will walk away with a 40 million dollar severance pay.   Not a bad payday for a pig that was poking.

I hope all the ladies Ailes legitimately abused clean up in their hen house suit and this may serve as an example to all of the other foxes out there to respect the ladies. Although I really don’t think so.


Some of these high flying horney bastards don’t know what the word NO means.

Fetish Fellas; if you can’t control yourself, hookers are a lot more economical in the long run. Less hassle and no strings attached, except G-strings. Make sure to bring your own balloons.



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