Denial can be deadly

As we have witnessed in the past with so many well-known people that got their tit in a wringer by lying or skirting the truth; in the long run, honesty would have been the best policy.


The longer someone denies the obvious, the worse the situation becomes and the longer it drags out.

Admit the fault or mistake and march on. The public will respect the person more if they are upfront and tell it like it was. It is a good sign of true character for any person to admit they were wrong.


Even Helen Keller could see that the speech Melinia made was in big part the exact same thing  Obama’s wife made. I still can not believe as meticulous as Trump is about everything, this one slipped by him. Although I would not expect him to scrutinize every piece of paper that is processed. Someone in his organization DID drop the ball.

Throughout history, many of the speeches the prospective 1st ladies made were very similar but this one was in some areas, word for word.

Trump has to know that the mainstream media is going to  do whatever they have to stir up the pot. The are waiting for him to spit on the sidewalk.

There will be mistakes along the way. Donny, bite the bullet and admit the mistakes and move on.


Like the hooker told her John (date); I still will respect you in the morning!!!

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