Stop the camera – it’s getting hot

What happens when The Squeeze is put on a ultra-liberal commentator and his back is against the wall?  Watch the video and see for yourself.

Sheriff David Clarke put the hammer to Don Lemon so severely that Lemon had to call a timeout. The pressure was too much for the newscaster to handle and he had to regroup off camera.

I don’t TOTALLY agree with the sheriff that black men are not singled out; what I do believe, black men give the cops more reason than white men to be stopped and scrutinized. Plus the fact that black men commit more crimes per capita than other races. Fact have proven that. The black community has to wake up to that fact if they ever want to come to a resolution.

The crazy part of their crime activity is; they are killing more people of their own race then other races are.

Unless the black community comes to terms with the fact that they have a major problem with-in their society, they will never put the devil to sleep.  Denial is one of the most detrimental characteristic anyone can suffer from.

One big issue that has been festering in the back community is the shooting death of Michael Brown. They have attempted to make the guy look like a saint and he absolutely wasn’t. It is called DENIAL.

As I said in a previous post. Many organizations are started with good intentions but somewhere down the line they  fall into disarray by people that have their own devious agendas.  Black Lives Matter is no different. Why would any stand-up organization call for the execution of cops????

Is this the answer to the problems we ALL have in America; lynching the people that are out there trying to protect us?? NO. Are there some bad seeds in some police departments? Yes and they have to be eliminated and prosecuted.

Take some of the people that call themselves REVEREND; either in black communities or in white.  Some of them have honest and good intentions but then we have the snakes in the grass that are only out to fill their coffers. We AL know who they are without me being AL to specific.  The parasites I am referring to are nothing but heart-less con men that are financially raping their parishioners.

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I would still like to know why Albert wears his hair like the people he despises so much????

They could care less about what is best for their people; they are only out there to ingratiate themselves. These so called people of the cloth AL should be ashamed of themselves. They are a menace to mankind and their communities.

If this is not an example of  unlawful insight-meant, I don’t know what is.

ANY GOOD preacher, regardless of race would never prompt his congregation to do anything illegal, especially, go out and kill cops.  Their mission, if they are truly men of the cloth, is to bring peace and harmony to all people.

This applies to all people of all races and religions. Get your heads out of the sand and do what is best for your people. Pretending that adverse conditions do not exist is very counter-productive. Weed out the serpents that call themselves REVEREND. Anyone that encourages violence is not a good person and is exacting nothing but harm to the cause of peace.

Don Lemon sure had a sour face after eating a lemon with his interview with the Sheriff Clarke.


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