Rather sheepish

I watched the interview last night with Mike Pence and Donald on 60 minutes. I have to say that I was not impressed with Pence at all.


In my opinion, he looked very sheepish, like he was almost afraid of Trump.  Several time when Pence was asked a question by Lesley Stahl he seemed reluctant to answer them; especially when Stahl asked if Pence would tell The Boss he was screwing up in some fashion if in fact, he had. Pence never really answered the question.

Throughout the interview, Pence would look at Trump for his approval.

I don’t know if Pence has the backbone or personality to deal with the egotistical Trump for the long run.

Pence look to me like the guy in the office that laughs at every joke the boss tells, even if it isn’t funny.  Check out the facial expressions.

If anyone hasn’t noticed; I would say that The Trumpster suffers from a very common illness called The Bill O’Reilly  Syndrome where many times he interrupts people while they are talking.  That is always an indicator that the person in not listening to what the other person has to say.

Pete and repeat: there is no perfect candidate and we are all stuck with having to pick the best of the worst.

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