One more reason no to……..

If this insanity of cop killing continues and I don’t  see any reason that it will let up based on the positive effect it is having for the terrorists; that will be one more reason for all Americans to be armed.

The ignorant cop haters in this country have no idea what kind of anarchy there would be if all of the cops decided to pull off the job and who could blame them.

How much longer will the good men and women that were the Blue continue to do their jobs when they are nothing but sitting ducks for terrorists and nut cases?

That is a lot to ask of anyone to have a good attitude and show up for work when they are literally walking around with targets on their backs.

No cops on duty. The doors will be  wide open for killing – looting – burning down establishment – civil disorder. That is what it will resemble if there is no one there to stop the animals.

Being that terrorism is so hard to defend against; I think the only way to stay ahead of these monsters is to have inside information (an informant) as to their intentions and get to them before they have a chance to execute their diabolical deeds.

I know that in 95% of the incidents we have witnessed lately, there has been someone close to these animals that know what their intentions were. Some of the idiot animals even posted their future plans on social media days before they execute them.  They have to be turned into the authorities immediately before they can pull off any of their sick objectives.

Terrorism is a problem for everyone in this world not just a few people. We all have to work together to put it down.

The laws have to be rewritten that allows cops to go after the animals before they get a chance to pull the trigger or pull the pin.

We  have all witnessed what kind of carnage is possible WITH cops on duty. Just try and imagine what the chaotic conditions would be  like without out them.  That is when NOT having a firearm would be very detrimental to an individual.

Let us all do what we can to protect the men and ladies in blue, so in turn they can protect us!!!

In turn, the police departments around the country have to POLICE their departments and rid itself of all their cowboys cops that are creating some of these situations. This fight against terrorism  has to be a combined effort of all citizens.

Terrorism is not just a headline in the news about some foreign country. It is here to stay in the USA and not going anywhere until it is eradicated.

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2 Responses to One more reason no to……..

  1. Rifleman III says:

    It also needs to be said that there is good and evil in all peoples of the world. The latest shooting of police in Baton Rouge, the MSM seems hellbent on presenting only, select facts.

    First and foremost, all law enforcement, no matter what ethnicity, religion, or race, all, are considered as BLUE.

    Next, the MSM maligning the United States Marine Corps, as the shooter had a career in the Corps. Okay, how many Marines have been in the Corps during the same timeframe, and how many are cop killers? Let’s see some statistics, but the MSM, FAILED, and only presents their canted views. In the United States Marine Corps, no matter what ethnicity, religion, or race, all, are considered as United States Marines.

    So what is the corrupting factor? The shooter was a member of the Nation of Islam. They profess violence. They do not care if innocents get hurt, because in the demented minds of the NOI members, they will twist facts and try to flip-the-script. Obama does the very same thing.

    Now that law enforcement is being ambushed all over the nation, something very ugly is about to happen, so do not be surprised. To all the cop shooting advocates, just remember:

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