Needs a severe attitude adjustment


Pharma Bro’s Set For U.S. Fraud Trial in 2017

If there is one punk on the planet that needs a severe beating is this clown Martin Shkreli. He came  under fire last year for jacking  up the price of a prescription drug that people used in rare conditions,  5,000% .


All through his interviews with authorities, this parasitic punk demonstrated that besides being a crook,  he is an expert in another field of ball breaking. He definitely has a way  of getting under the peole skin with his arrogant attitude.

IT is scheduled to go before U.S. District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto, in Brooklyn, next  June 26.  It baffles me why it takes so long to bring a worm like Shck-ra-fellie  to trial.

Shck-ra-fellie had an accomplice in his scheme named Evan Greebel that he will be holding his hand in court. He was an ambulance chaser for Retrophin Inc.


After purchasing Turing Pharmaceuticals, this bum raised the price of  a drug called  Retrophin that treats rare parasitic conditions 5,000 percent, to $750 per pill.

Having no compassion for the people that needed this drug, he refused to lower the price.

Among his other expertises, Shck-ra-fellie  was engaged in a Ponzi scheme that fell apart in which he defrauded investors and misappropriated $11 million in assets from Retrophin to repay them.

There is some scuttlebutt circulating that Judge Matsumoto’s cousin was one of the people that was using  Retrophin when the worm raised the prices.


Bubba and the boys love to get their hands on slim like Shck-ra-fellie when  they slam the cell doors shut behind them. That is when Shck-ra-fellie will see what getting screwed really feels like.


We may see some poetic justice for Shck-ra-fellie and his associate after all.


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