Get off the broomstick or soapbox

Paul Ryan has brought a little common-sense and legitimacy into the  Speakers position.

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It is Ryan’s  opinion, Ginsberg was way off base with her comment about Trump being unfit  to be president.  Based on her superior position, she should keep all the derogatory remarks to herself; not that anyone is listening to her anyway.  Hopefully, she may have to answer to The Donald someday.

It must be nice to be appointed to a job for life – make tremendous money – work less than a spoiled teenager – sit on Nob Hill looking down at all the Little People.

The old girls net worth is reportedly about $10,700,000.00; not bad for working part-time employment.  There must be many advantages and perks attached to sitting where she is.

That is beside the point BUT; I don’t think there is any position in government that should be an appointment for life. It just does not make sense.  What gives the person/people the incentive to act in an expedient manner; something the supreme court is notorious for not doing.

Stuff it Ruthie. No one is paying attention anyway.


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