My hat is off to  the  NBA stars Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James that stood in front of the world at the ESPY Awards and made their plea for racial reform. They did a great job and a service to the entire USA.


Without being overly specific; I think they touched on the very thing that ALL people need to focus on; EDUCATION in order to bring about change.

One thing I would have liked them to address more adamantly is the violence in the black communities, blacks killing blacks. It is sinful what they are doing to one another. Consequently, their actions eventually results in other crimes outside of their community.

I am not trying to point the finger or singling out any particular race; I am trying to possibly open some people’s eyes as to what the origin of the problem may be so it can be corrected. I am considering the future generations that I do not want to inherit this terrible legacy.

For all races; if the shoe fit, put it on.

EXAMPLE: If we go to the doctor because we have a severe addiction or bad habit that we unable to kick and we lie to the doc as to what our real problem is; how is he supposed to help us correct it?????

Denial in any form is like a cancer. The more denial, the deeper the cancer will go. As much as it may hurt to look into a mirror and admit to ourselves that we have a problem, by ignoring the problem it can’t ever be resolved.  This does not just apply to racial issue but throughout our entire lives.

I did this post the other day.

In conjunction with the absolute necessity for EDUCTION on all sides, it is paramount that law enforcement has to get their act together and weeds out all of the pistol-packing cowboys in its ranks that are a major contributor to the racial unrest.  If one of their cops commits a crime, they should be punished not protected as we have witnessed in too many cases.

It is possible if everyone works together. Let’s face it; the way interracial mixing is going, it won’t be too long before we won’t be able to tell black from white.  It is a fact that most people do not want to admit to  but it is inevitable.

I would like to see more black celebs join their ranks. If all races pull together, it may not be too late to turn this ugly monster around.

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