The handwriting was on the wall


Iran hasn’t changed its behavior 1 year after nuclear agreement reached, US general says

The handwriting was on the wall but they refused to see it.

Two days before the anniversary of the landmark nuclear agreement reached between Iran and six world powers led by the United States, a top U.S. military commander says Iran has not changed its behavior, as five Iranian patrol boats took turns shadowing a U.S. Navy warship he was visiting in the Persian Gulf.

Army General Joseph Votel, who leads U.S. Central Command, said while the deal has frozen Iran’s nuclear weapons program for a time, the activities of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard forces still concern him in the Persian Gulf and beyond. Among those activities: capturing 10 U.S. Navy sailors at gunpoint when their vessels drifted into Iranian territorial waters in January.

Did anyone but a fool ever think that Iran was going to roll over and play like a good dog after the  one-sided whore- deal (all in their favor)  they signed??

Picture in the dictionary; definition capitulates:


The most egregious  part of this gigantic joke was; while Iran was putting together the deal and signing it; they were telling Kerry and his boss that they were out to destroy the United States. GO FIGURE!!

It would be nice if the people that make these monumental blunders could be held accountable for their mistakes after the tirds hits the turntable. As we all know,  in politics there is never any accountability, just business as usual.

We certainly haven’t heard the last from the Iranians that have sworn to destroy the USA; that was before and after the sanctions were lifted on them. I will label it the Middle East Pearl Harbor agreement. That may have been the biggest faux pas  of the Obama administration. History will tell the tale.

Anyone that would make decisions like the Fast and Furious deal is apt to make a lot more very foolish/deadly mistakes.


How can seemingly intelligent people in  very high positions have such poor judgment is way beyond me.  This is why when people are taken out of their element, will not take advice from the experts, they more than likely will screw up repeatedly.

Always leave the sawing the carpenter.


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