Chose your friends wisely

How could Mr. O engage in a relationship with a guy like this?

If for no other reason to stay away, it is a blemish on the prez’s reputation. He shouldn’t want to get caught up in the; you can tell a person’s character by the company he keeps. Unfortunately most of the damage is done already.

Even though many years have passed, Sharpless is a lot thinner and is wearing a white man’s hairdo,  is still the same old evil person behind the facade.


The black community doesn’t need leaders like him. They need visionaries that DO NOT want to pass this racial trash on to their future generations.

No matter how we look at it; violence and instigating violence is not the answer to the racial situation in this country.

For no other reason then his past reputation; I would think that Obama would handle this guy like a hot potato and have no association with him whatsoever.

The saddest part of Sharpless’s  ACT is; he is deliberately deceiving his people by  pouring gasoline on the fire at every turn, keeping them pissed off at whitey.  Sharpless is making a fortune off of his people surreptitiously and many of them don’t know it or refuse to believe it.

He can almost be compared to a priest that tells his congregation to go out and commit sins because it is good for them.

To that, I give a big AMEN


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