Fine – a – lee!!!!!!!!!!!

It is about time I have been given the opportunity to say; for the first time that I can remember, President Obama sounded and acted like the President of the USA. 


In his speech about the slaughter/tragedy in Dallas,  he covered all the bases. He sounded like all the people president instead of a singular, uninterested unit.

He talked about unity, responsibility and the magnificent job the policemen in this country do.  This support of his  has been long overdue.

This is what the Commander in Chief was elected to do; bring the country together not drive it apart. Many times being silent on an issue is worse than saying the wrong thing. If an unpleasant topic is not addressed, it may give the decenters the opinion that by the person’s silence, they have given their approval.

I hope with the little time Mr. O has left in office, he continues to travel that road. Today he sounded and acted like the President of the United States of America.

If he continues to push this message forward as he did today, we may see some light at the end of the racial tunnel before he gets his hat.

FINE -A – LEE . Well done Mr. O!!!!!!! 


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