Am I that stupid????

Lynch: Clinton case was ‘handled like any other matter’

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If there is one thing that I detest more than a liar;  that being,  the liar thinks I am gullible enough to believe their lies.

If Ms. Lynch handled all of her cases she had jurisdiction over with the same lack of proficiency as she conducted business with the email server fiasco,  I have no idea how she ever made it to the top Ambulance Chaser position in the country except she was a quota that had to be filled and she could be controlled by the puppet master.

That is the problem with someone that lies. They have to tell 10 lies to get out of the first one. By the time they tell the 10th lie they have forgotten what the first lie was.

One thing you have to give them; they are all well rehearsed and do it with a straight face.

I don’t know how true it is, I heard through the grapevine Lynch and Comey are going to be a couple. That way they can compare notes without being too visible. May just be a rumor????

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I wonder if anyone has ever told them that lying under oath is a crime?


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