Against all odds

After Raising a Gorilla as Family, He Set Him Free. Then 5 Years Later He Saw a Familiar Face in the Trees

If they can do it; why can’t the rest of the world.

Damian Aspinall had raised Kwibi the gorilla-like he would his own son, and after releasing the animal back into the wild, Aspinall wanted to visit him. It had been five years, though, and Kwibi had become known as an aggressive beast. Even so, the English millionaire was determined. So it was that, deep in the African jungle, the pair came face-to-face once more. But would the powerful aggressor remember his human caregiver?

Five years after releasing his SON Kwibi back into the wild, that he raised from birth, Damian Aspinall returned to the jungle to visit him not knowing what kind of reception he  would receive.  Much to his surprise; it was like Old Home Week; deja vu all over again.

Their unusual relationship,against all odds, should serve as an example to all people of the world. If a gorilla and his adopted father can get along, why can’t  the human race??

All that is required is respect and acceptance.

I have always said;  animals have a lot more sense than the homo-erectus. We all should take notice.


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