The bandwagon is filling up

Report: 6 more women allege sexual harassment by Fox News chief

I hope for Roger “The Dodger” Ailes sake he has very good insurance or a heavy bankroll. He probably has both.

Ever since Gretchen Carlson went public with her allegations against the dirty old man, a dozen more women have come forward with detailed allegations of sexual harassment by the Fox News chief over a 25-year period.


I truly understand the plight of the women in the workforce who have been abused in some fashion or the other by the head pig. Either they are compelled to put up with the  conditions – quit or complain to someone that usually falls on deaf ears, all to no avail.  That must be a terrible position to be in.

Be that as it may; the longer they maintain  silence, the longer  the pervert gets away with harassment and the more women get abused by the pig.

Because of the somewhat male dominated society we live in (it is getting better); the abused women many times has no voice and people in authority do not give them the respect or justice they deserve.

Either the pig is a big wig – a politician in highest places – is very well healed financially – has serious connections – come from affluent families – are star athletes on teams where the ignorant heads of the school downplay the situation or ignore it – celebrity of some sort and many other reason why some of the ladies never get justice. Than they bring in the crooked judges to hear the case.

Many times the scumbag ambulance chasers for the defendant put the lady’s life in the limelight trying to discredit her, suggesting the rape or harassment was her fault.

I have always maintained; even a hooker can say NO – NO means NO.

What has to be done, the authorities have to take these allegations seriously , investigate and prosecute the offenders to the full extent of the law, regardless of who they are.

Unfortunately; there are a few women that want to get on the bandwagon for a payday but they are far and few in between. They have to be weeded out.

Speak up ladies no matter what. Hopefully the good old boys mentality is on it’s way out the door.


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