Teach by actions not words

Kim Kardashian Urges All Parents To ‘Do Something’ In Wake Of Recent Shootings

I totally agree BUT …..

It has always amused me that some of the Golden People, many of which have lived right on the edge, are horrible examples for the youth in this country; yet they come out of the closet every once and awhile, possibly to get some ink,  expressing  an opinion on behavioural matters. That is great BUT ……

If anyone doesn’t know that Kim is the poster child for setting bad examples with the provocative manner of dressing, they do not read the news. At every turn, this woman will  do whatever it takes to get a little publicity. She had one of the best in the business as a teacher; her Ma Ma.

There is no denying that she is a beautiful woman – is very talented in the business world but for me, that is where I put on the brakes.

With her nude selfies – the way she dresses so outrageously that leaves nothing to the imagination – the offensive obnoxious fool she is married to; they should take a good look in the mirror before talking about setting examples.

Does her lifestyle have anything to do with violence and racial issues? Absolutely not but it does have a lot to do with morality and somewhere down the line all of a person’s personal habits become intertwined.

If a person is going to be a good parent, they have to demonstrate good habits in all areas, not just the ones that are convenient for them. Kids are taught by example more than conversations. Look how Kim turned out under the tutelage of her Ma Ma.

I will applaud her for her concern in the pathetic racial issues that exist in the USA but I would recommend, if she wants to be the ALL AROUND  good parent, she has a little cleaning up of her act to do.



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