What happens when they all refuse …..

At least 5 Dallas police officers killed, 7 more wounded in protest shooting;

I was an absolute tragedy and another gigantic  blemish on the reputation of entire country.

What happens when  all if the Boys in Blue refuse to go on duty??? There is a distinct possibility,  somewhere down the line, if these slaughters continue and I am sure they will, there is going to be a nationwide strike of all policemen. Who can blame them; they are sitting targets for these sniping maniacs. They are walking around with targets on their backs.

One major problem that has to be addressed immediately. All police departments in the country have to shit can all of the gun happy – inexperienced – hot-shot cops that shoot first and ask questions later. It is paramount that these people be weeded out and eliminated.

Whether they are  inexperienced – lack of the proper training – an over the top pistol-packing gun happy cop; whatever the circumstances are, they have to be ELIMINATED.

# 2. All communities, especially the black has to get their people in line.  They continually complain about excessive force by the cops targeting their people. Here are the cold hard facts. If the vast majority of the crimes in this country are committed by the blacks; if these same people  were in the cops shoes, would they be more than a LITTLE nervous to wear the Blue??? As we can see by last night’s slaughter, the cops have targets on their backs.

Despite making up just 13% of the population, blacks committed half of homicides in the United States for nearly 30 years. DOJ statistics show that between 1980 and 2008, black people committed 52% of homicides. In 2013, black criminals committed 38% of the murders. Whites accounted for just 31 percent.


Again I ask. If these statistics are correct, are we to assume that the black population has a problem?  By their own admission, the NAACP admits that nearly 1 million of the total 2.3 million prisoners in this country incarcerated are African-American, nearly six times the incarceration rate of whites.

There has to be a reason why these conditions exist. I say it is a lack of EDUCATION – absents of role-models – poor supervision – no family values – lack of leadership and so on. How can anyone expect any person that is raised in an environment like this to turn out well?

Let us be hypothetical and say that 25% of that number is unjustified confinement. That is still way disproportionate to the other races.

If the proper steps were initiated and followed, these numbers can come way down. It has to be a combined effort of all people concerned. Slaughtering the people who are putting their lives on the line for the safety of the public is NOT the answer.

As a sadistic sex, deviate Bill Cosby was, he was one of the few people in the black community that had the balls to stand up and tell  the black youth in this country how to accept the responsibility of their own and quite blaming everyone else, especially the white FOLKS for their shortcomings. We sure are not get much of that from Mr. O who  was supposed to have a great impact on the racial situation in this country when he got elected. His is a giant disappointment.

I am fairly confident that when the organization Black Lives Matter, it was founded with good intentions. Like so many other issues, good intentions sometimes go in the opposite direction as we have witnessed in the past few years.

I think any organization  is a great  for the black community to EDUCATE people how to live in harmony in this country and to stand-up for their rights. It was not organized to be a breeding ground for snipers and home-grown terrorists.

One of the snipers that was captured last night after the slaughter of the policemen said; his focus was  on killing white people that he hated, especially cops. What deranged idiots like him are going to do is to start race riots in this country and it is not going to be pretty.

Is it OK for this scumbag to say that he is out to kill all the white people he can because he hates them??? He is just as bad as the cops who kill or shoot black people without probable cause. Think about it; it is the same thing.

Are all of the white people in this country supposed to hate all black people because there are a few (very few) black maniacs out there. Absolutely not. In the same token, the black people should not hate the white people because there are a few scumbag – hot-shot cops. Only common-sense FOLKS.

If the all of  citizens of the USA don’t get it together and very soon, there are going to be repercussions beyond belief.

It starts at the top. Obama has to start putting it one the line and quit sympathizing with one side or another. Leaders in the black community have to get together and EDUCATE their people that violence to this problem and others is not the answer. The authorities have to scrutinize their cops and train them better so innocent people are not killed. If the cops do get out of line, there should be absolute justice for the victims and the perpetrating cops should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. No favoritism – no cronyism!!! The longer these issues are ignored by all parties concerned; we are not far from race riots in this country of the Free and the Brave.

I want to repeat this paragraph, it is very important: Are the white people in this country supposed to hate all black people because there are a few (very few) black maniacs out there. Absolutely not. In the same token, all  black people should not hate white people because there are a few scumbag – hot-shot – out of control cops. Only common-sense FOLKS. 

I may be convinced that actions like these snipers pulled off may not have anything to do with current conditions and is only an excuse to exercise their violent natures and personal agendas.

We, the citizens of the USA need cops. They are the thread that keeps law and order in check. They need the full support for the government from the top down. Government officials of all races seem to forget the fact that they are elected to support all races. They have to be colored blind while executing their missions.  When one side or the other gets an indication that the main man is siding with them, that in itself gives them a green light to get out of control. 

The USA has its hands full trying to deal with foreign terrorists and does not need another stumbling block. We are all Americans and should act accordingly. If anyone does not want to play be the rules; there are ships and airplanes leaving the country hourly . They should be on one.

This is going to take a major effort to get the racial issue under control. Everyone may not like the rules but for the sake of our country surviving, it is paramount every citizen co-operate.  It is a matter of life and death.

shooting from the hip


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One Response to What happens when they all refuse …..

  1. Rifleman III says:

    The problem, is not, black people. The problem revolves around a free stuff welfare society that keeps blacks disadvantaged, and a subculture promoting violence, gangs, criminality, that breeds inmate populations. I know black people who are conservative. They make no excuses, and they accept no alibis. You should hear what they say about Obama, and many thugs. I also worked with over the years, several blacks who were Christian ministers. Fabulous people. One lost the lease on his storefront church, and he took his ministry outside, into playgrounds. He showed me snapshots. Had to be about thirty people, all, who never knew of his storefront church, but those black people wanted to hear, the Word.

    With the Dallas incident, police will now become more militant, and there will now be a barrier that cops will not allow people to get close to them, as disassociation. It will happen in non-black communities in time, as now, officer survival, will be always looking out for some ambush, from anyone. Call times in responding will increase. Cops will stop talking to people. It’s a matter of survival. In White trash communities, policing will turn pretty close to an occupational force mentality, because a potential cop killer, can wear the same color skin as the cops. Then they become heavy handed, to drive known crap, out of the area, because they can be potentially dangerous. Best thing for blacks to do, is get close to each other, go to church, and let it be known that the community is not like some thug supporting community. Otherwise, what happens in White trash communities, will soon be going into black areas, as cops rotate tours and sectors, or respond to 911 calls. Obama wants to destroy. Black people should stand tall and say, “Not over here”. I knew a “Bible Lady”, guess you could call her a Church Lady, always had the Bible with her, and a handful of times, either by 911 call or by driving the patrol car, I would see her on the street with her pointing finger and head twisted, giving someone a piece of her mind. I warned her that she could get hurt doing that kind of stuff. Then she tells me that she was Army once, and her late husband was Japanese, who held a fourth degree black belt in Aikido. I laughed. She said, I was tall. I said, good-bye.

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