Jon got flushed down the John

Jon Jones’ potential doping violation a sucker punch to UFC 200

Jon Jones just got flushed down the John for doping violations.  The Dope is good enough that he didn’t need to take dope.


In my opinion; Jon is pound for pound one of if not the best mixed martial arts fighters in the world for many reasons. He is one of the only people that actually uses martial arts techniques in his matches.

Jones has a record of 22 -1 – 0. I will put Jon in the same category as Georges St Pierre, the Canadian super star, a superb fighter and technician when it come to using actual martial arts technique.


Many of the other pugilists in mixed martial arts today never studied the martial arts and are just a bunch of guy that get off on hurting people and are sadistic brawler.  The mixed martial arts was supposed to be organizations where the contestants show-cased their skills.

Jones was on top of the world in the UFC but evidently wasn’t smart enough or strong enough to stay away for the junk. With his talent he didn’t need it.  Reverting back to one of my favorite cliche’s; the fool had a loaf of bread under each arm and was too dumb to know it.

Aside from being and outstanding fighter; Jones is an class act – a religious guy and a hell of a gentleman.

For person that never studied the martial arts, it is difficult for them to understand the true concepts of the art. In a controlled contest,  a knock down drag out fight, the winner helps the loser of the match off of the mat and are concerned about their well-being. That is what Jones is made of. Naturally in a life threatening self-defense situation; when our adversary is down, we do the tarantella on their head.

I am sorry to see; with all of his attributes and strength, he doesn’t have the will-power to stay away from the junk. Hopefully in the future Jon can get a handle on it and come back to the cage where he belongs.



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