Once you bend over guy it is ……

Black Lives Matter activists hijack Toronto Pride parade


Our friends north of the border are known for their passive – easy going – liberal personalities.

It seems that a off-chute of Black Live Matters in Toronto took advantage of their kindly temperament and shut down one of their parades.

All I can tell you guys; once you bend over, they never let you stand erect again.  I see it happening in the USA. Inch – foot – yard mile – never an end.

Many of these organization start-up with good intentions until the nuts cases hear about the movement and have somewhere to demonstrate and irritate people.  The general public  is letting them  get away with it. Quite a few of the demonstrators have no idea what they are demonstrating about. It is a day out for the fools.

Based on what I know about many Canadians, they are much like the French. If they stick their heads in the sand deep enough, the problem does not exist. WRONG.

I was under the impression that the black population in Canada have been treated very well and as equals for many years. Do these people want all of the pie instead of their share?? I guess I was wrong.

Their demands


Their demands makes a lot of sense to me. # 6 is a good one. Are you kidding me???  One of the major gripes of the black community has always been profiling. Just about all of these demands are a great examples of separating and segregation??

Repeating; they don’t even know what they want. The demands they are making are so extreme, they don’t make sense.  Why don’t they demand that all non blacks be kicked out of Canada. That my be next. It seems that many people in this world forget the hands that fed them.

Bullies do not understand kindness and passiveness; they mistake it for weakness. Some time they are right. We have to have a backbone and stand-up for what we believe in or else we become everyone’s punching bag and floor mat.

Make a move, eh – before you don’t have a platform left to stand on.

Concerned cousin




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