Booty Hound not a Fox

Roger Ailes appears to be a PIG (pretty ignorant guy) and a horny old man rather than the CEO of Fox.

Gretchen Carlson, one of the hosts of  Fox News was fired today. According to the blond beauty, she refused repeatedly to sleep with the CEO of Fox and Alfred Hitch-cock look alike and consequently was shown the exit door.



Al also had some chronic  bad habits when it came to the opposite sex.  He was constantly trying to bed the ladies that worked for him.  Another Dirty old man!!

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The guys cold be twins. Both hefty, unappealing to the opposite sex and horny.

I wonder if any more ladies are going to come forward after this revelation? It seems to be the pattern that they need a pioneer to lead the parade.

It is the same old story with some of these desperate executives. They are too fat – too old – not pleasant to look at (that is an instant turn-off) to get young chick, so they have to resort to the casting couch approach to try and get a lady in the sack.

Not only did  Ailes try  to bed  Gretchen, he continually used  disparaging actions and remarks aimed at her while at work.  To me; that is a sign of a very weak and insecure man who has to use his position of power to get sex from someone.

The office personnel should chip in a few dollars apiece and get the guy a hooker once a week. But even ladies of the night draw the line somewhere.  If that doesn’t satisfy the old boy, he can lock himself in the men’s room for about 15 minutes three times a week.

If these accusations are true; I hope after the lawsuit is settled, the station’s new name will be The Gretchen Carlson Broadcasting Company or TGCBC – we all like acronyms these days.

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  1. Rifleman III says:

    …And too cheap, because there’s plenty of tail, out there.

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