Rio is in a rio jackpot

Report: Study finds super bacteria in venues for Rio Olympics

It is very strange to me that a country with so many social and economic issues was selected to host the Olympics.  Gotta be the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

It has one of the largest crime rates in the world – the country is virtually broke – Zika is kicking their ass; there doesn’t seem to be any end to their problems. And then; up jumps the devil.

Now there is a super-bacteria found floating around in the waters where many of the aquatic events are going to take place. Super because; the bacteria is so powerful it is resistant to any known antibiotics.

The Olympic game were initiated back in Greece in the 8th century BC for the purpose of uniting and bringing harmony among the nations. If we look at the conditions of the world today; they are a mirror image of the conditions of Rio; total chaos. Sort of poetic HUH??

There is some speculation as to whether the Olympics will get off the ground completely.

I doesn’t add up; a country that is so financially destitute – has one of the highest  crime rates on the globe  and many other issues to deal with would be selected to host the Olympics. There had to be a hell of a lot of $$$$$ changing hands when that deal was put together.

For the longest time, I have been  trying to figure out what does make sense in the world these days. I can’t come up with much.

If the country was flush with money and could afford the billions they are spending for a few week of show and tell, it would be a different story. They are one of the most financially strapped places in the world. Their people are starving and living in on top of one another like ants while the government is pissing away billions.

Some of their people have to go to garbage dumps to scrounge around for something to eat.

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One of the most amazing facts of all Olympics. When the curtain falls, 99% of the venues are left to rot and never used again. Once again; does it make sense??





If anyone can make sense of this; I would love to hear from them.

The only answer is; the people that control the purse strings of these events are making billion for their coffers. Right Val???

There is NEVER any justice for the little people in this world regardless where the lay their heads.

shooting from the hip



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