No on the salt – yes on the butter

Man who died in Tesla crash may have been watching movie

Technology is turning the human brain to mush and our bodies into zombies.

Give me one reason why anyone normal- healthy human being would want a car that drives itself.  There are enough possible risks of injury or death without adding 4.00 a gallon gasoline to the fire.

It is not bad enough that over the past couple decades that scientists/inventors have invented machines/gadgets that think for us – speak for us –  do some of or daily tasks for us, resulting in producing a generation that can’t communicate – calculate or think that manual labor is an illegal immigrant.

Now we have a bunch of enterprising geniuses trying to perfect a car that completely drives itself.

Joshua D. Brown had to learn the hard way. He was an adventuresome fella, who was driving or shall I say his Tesla  car was driving him driving around Florida when there was a malfunction he was killed. Evidently the recognition system in his self-driven ride didn’t distinguish the difference between an 18 wheeler  with a white trailer and a clear road.

The trailer was making a right turn in front of the car when the Telsa smashed into the side of the truck. Of all thing; authorities believe that Mr. Brow was watching a movie when the fatal accident occurred.  No salt but yes for butter on the popcorn please. 

At this point, it would not surprise me, when the next accident happens, some dude will be taking a shower.

FOLKS; the old sayings are ; leave weel enough alone – if it is not broke don’t fix it – Confucious say; man who drives car while watching a movie will have a crack up.


Heed the words of the old fellas; he once was considered to be a very wise old man.

I may be an old-fashioned person in some respects but I wold like to control my own destiny  rather than a box with a lot of circuit boards making my decisions.  I think old fashion is good in many areas.





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