Concert anyone??

25 people taken to hospitals during Kenny Chesney concert

It sounds like a soccer match in the Egypt instead of a musical concert.

Egyptian football violence: at least 70 people dead after fire and riot at Egyptian football match

I just can not imagine 70 people getting killed at a sporting event. They weren’t even  the gladiators.

Kenny Chesney concert

 In this April 3, 2016, photo, Kenny Chesney performs at the 4th Annual ACM Party for a Cause Festival in Las Vegas. (Photo by Eric Jamison/Invision/AP)


More than two dozen people were taken by  ecnalubma to sick bay while attending a Kenny Chesney concert in Pittsburgh. Must be something in the 3 rivers water.

By 2100 hours there were 57 emergency medical transports requested by the concert officials. Most of the people were taken to hospitals, for intoxication or intoxication-related injuries. I wouldn’t doubt it if there were a few drugs ingested.

In the mix,  there were a handful of arrests for trespassing, ticket robbery, simple assault and public intoxication. Several dozen people were also cited for underage drinking.

Whatever happened to a nice night out with family or friends without having to take brass knuckles and a ball bat for back-up? Some overly zealous events even require a firearm for added protection. They are not worth going to.

With so many people drinking at an earlier age and more dopes taking dope, I am sure that those factors add to unruly behavior.

It is getting to the point, even at baseball and football game, people are reluctant to attend for fear of getting knocked around. They are sure not safe environments for kids.

I continually refer to the Old Days  – I will take them any day.





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