Idiot scum-bag needs a real job

This is an email I just got from some idiot that needs a real job.

Aside from Mr Ernest Obeng being an absolute scumbag , he is an idiot. In the first sentence of this scam e-mail he made his first mistake. He said he is a politician. Even if I was an idiot like he is, the word politician runs up the red flag immediately.



My name is Mr Ernest Obeng, a politician and a previous member of Ghana’s
executive committee on contract awards.

My purpose of connecting you is to crave your indulgence to assist me in
securing some funds abroad for safe keeping which I incidentally kept to
help finance my senatorial elections campaign under the party umbrella of
National Patriotic Party (NPP) last two years December 2014, Unfortunately
for me I lost the senatorial seat during my party conducted election
primary to my opposition member under the same party umbrella.

But with my immediate contact, I was able to deposit some kickback money
emanated from award of contracts awarded to Chinese and Malaysia companies
in a security vault with a commercial bank in Ghana pending when I will
found a trustworthy person to move out the fund from Ghana to oversea bank
account for business investment.

The need to contact you arose from the fact that the present elected
government now to crack down on past immediate government functionaries of
(NPP) and trying to trace all the funds that was made through contract
awards and other mouth watering deals during our tenure in the office from
the year 2003 to 2011, if they succeed in tracing this fund to me, they
will seize it and thereby incapacitating my life time opportunities.

I wish to relocate this fund in a foreigner’s name to avoid any trace. All
I need from you is an assurance that you can handle the amount involved
(US$19,500,000) comfortably and that I can also trust you.

Be fully rest assured that there is no risk involved. I want you to
immediately inform me of your willingness in assisting and co-operating
with me, so that I can send you full details of this transaction.

Mr Ernest Obeng.


I know millions of people get these shake -down e mail everyday. But just in case you haven’t seen one before and do get one, never  respond to it.

This story is hard to believe. My dear friends worked for a brokerage firm and told me this last week. One of her clients received a similar email from shake-down artist claiming to be a relative of her’s stuck without money in a foreign country.

The scammer asked for $40,000.00 to be sent to him.  This very gullible lady; against the advice from the firm, she  withdrew the money and sent it to the scammer.  When the light finally went on, she was out 40 Grand.

IF these boiler room scumbags hit only 1  out of a 1,000 or 5,000 suckers in a week  to send them money, they make a good payday.


As the old cliches go  – if it is too good to be true, it probably is – there is nothing for nothing in this life and there is a sucker born every minute.

The scammer focus on mostly older people that are lonely or have a few screws missing. They are easy targets.


There are millions of slime like Mr Ernest Obeng floating in their cesspool around the world waiting with their fishing lines out wait to reel in a big one. BEWARE!!!!!!


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One Response to Idiot scum-bag needs a real job

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Scam artists are working.

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