Give me a big wet one pooch

Woman gets blood poisoning after kissing dog:

I know that some people have a very strong attachment to their pets; many times more powerful than they have with human beings.  I guess that is OK, pets play a special part in many people lives.  They are like the children some people never had – constant companions – loyal as hell – never give any back talk; the list is endless.

With all of that said; there is one thing I could never understand. It is  a very unhealthy/dirty habit and foolish why some people do it.

They kiss their pets on the mouth or let them lick their face. A kiss on the top of the head, maybe – on their ears, maybe but their mouth, fa-get-about-it.  Do they ever stop to think where the last place that animals mouth was?

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The 70-year-old unnamed woman was discovered slumped over in a chair semi-consciousness by the corpsmen.  The friend called paramedics when she became unresponsive during a phone call.  She was rushed to sick bay.

While in sick bay  the licker (name withheld) told the medical team that she had a habit of kissing her Italian greyhound dog (had to be Italian) on the mouth and letting the hound lick her face.  Get me some Listerine and a some soap ad water.

That is when the baffled emergency team got out the infectious disease book to look up the possibilities. They found a disease called capnocytophaga canimorsus septicaemia (you try to say it), a bacterium that is frequently isolated in the oral cavities of dogs and cats.

While in sick bay, granny suffered multiple organ failure. I took the corpsmen two weeks of intensive care and support to cure the old girl by using broad-spectrum antibiotics.

I bet the first thing she did when she got home from sick bay was kiss that Italian Stallion pooch of hers on his lips because she missed him so much.


One other thing that bugs me and is very unhealthy habit.  Biting nails.


Does the Big Fella know how many different things that basketball touched  – who handled  it  after they finish choking their chicken, scratching their ass or nuts without washing their hands.  The ball is probably dirtier than Madonna’s cell phone.

Biting nails in clinical terms is known as onychophagy or onychophagia (you try to say it). Most people bite their nails because of stress, anxiety , boredom or anger.  It is one of the worst and unhealthy habits a person can get into.  Everything the person touches during the course of a day is embedded under their nails and goes into their mouth when they are chomping on their  unguis (you try to say it). 

As we can see; kissing animals on the LIPS and one biting their nails may not be the exact thing but they both produce the same  ill-consequences; diseases.

Don’t forget FOLKS; the next time you have the urge to do either of those filthy habits; think of where the last place that pet mouth or object was before you French kiss it.

Health tip of the day:

Take two and rest in bed.

Make it payable to the Commander and Chief – not to be confused with the Commander-in-Chief.  He has a few foundations he can dip into, I don’t.

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Commander and Chief                                      Commander-in-Chief



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