Government efficiency

Is your hand sanitizer safe? The FDA wants to know.

Government efficiency at it’s finest.

The year was 1996 when a company named GoJo came out with a product used to try and reduce or eliminate the amount of germs that people carried around with them on their hands. They named the product Purell. FOLKS that was 20 years ago.


NOW 20 years later the FDA (Forget Doing Anything) is concerned about the safety of the product.  What’s the rush fellas?????

 (CNN)Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are everywhere these days, and the Food and Drug Administration wants to know more about them. It requested more scientific evidence Wednesday to prove that hand sanitizers are both safe and effective.
In particular, the FDA will be investigating whether sanitizers might be harmful to pregnant women and children.
Let us be hypothetical for a moment. If all hand sanitizers contained a slow work ingredient that caused people hands to fall off in 30 years; in four years there are going to be billions of people walking around with stubs at the end of their wrists.
What’s the rush fellas?? I know; you are government employees and don’t want to rush into anything.
This may just be a rumor I am starting.  I heard from a reliable source; Freedy Fingers a local pick-pocket,  that the government is going to start looking into the potential hazards of brushing our teeth. The paste may contain an agent that causes teeth fall out over time.
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I can understand their dilemma, the FDA (Forget Doing Anything) may be grossly understaffed. As of 2013 they only had 14, 684 people on it payroll. Gotta be around 16 – 17 thousand by now.
I have been in a few government office in my time. The hardest thing I see most of them doing  is trying to figure out how to stay out of the other one’s way.
               Office manager
How many other products are we The American People using that may contain harmful ingredients???
Hey FDA Dudes; did you fellas know smoking cigarettes causes cancer and many other deadly diseases??? Just in case you didn’t, I wanted to give you a heads up.

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