Wild Bill lassoed in another victim

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton meet privately in Phoenix before Benghazi report

FOLKS; he just roped in another victim of the Clinton Machine with his R-Can-Sis charm.

v  45

Slick Willie is not as slick as he thinks he is. By him having a private ron-day-voo with the head ambulance chaser in the country, who is SUPPOSEDLY  is spearheading the investigation into his bride’s criminal offenses; he may have just opened a can of worms that will come back to bite him and his partner in the butt-ox.

Lynch held a press conference shortly after the genie was let out of the bottle and denied that there was any inappropriate conversation between her and the x-pres.  She claims they were talking about family matters.  Hellooooooo

My reply to that is a resounding stack of  eee

If she is looking for a character witness in Wild Bill to swear on her behalf; I think we all know where his creditability rating stands.

This lady is the top legal doggette in the USA. If she doesn’t know what is kosher and what is not; there need to be some changes made in Grape Nuts.

I can’t wait to hear the tall tales they come up with to wiggle out of this one.

Why is it that controversy follows the Clinton’s everywhere they go like a brand new puppy???


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