Great news but …..

Fox News

US airstrikes kill at least 250 ISIS fighters in convoy outside Fallujah, official says

That is great news; it should be the order of each and every day BUT….

The most severe threat the USA has today are terrorists attacks on our home turf.

# 1:  allowing immigrants by the tens of thousands to enter the country virtually unvetted, especially from  Syria and other countries that are known to be breeding ground for terrorism is absolutely insane.

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Can anyone tell the difference between the guy on the left, a terrorist, from the guys on the right, immigrants? Take away the beard and rifle, they all look the same.

Our country has taken great pains to try and eliminate racial profiling but the rules have to change. Dire situations call for dire actions.  How is it possible to ignore the fact that the person standing next to you in a theater – airport – shopping mall – on the subway may have a bomb strapped to his goolunies.  It is frightening.

I say give the authorities the green light to shake down anyone the appears suspicious. Nothing to hide? Then they have nothing to worry about.  It may be taking away some of our freedoms but as I see it, the terrorists have done that already and didn’t even ask our permission. Time for changes FOLKS.

Some people have a disdain for surveillance cameras scattered all over. I don’t. Nothing to hide, nothing to worry about.

As I have alluded to many times. The guys that wore the wigs who wrote the constitution never conceived in their wildest dreams that their beloved country would be in such dire straights as it is today.


# 2 : It is time to take the cuffs off of law enforcement and let them do the jobs. If anyone disagrees; which one  would want to be a cop these days putting a target on their backs as soon as they put on their uniforms.

The day of the cop walking down the street swinging his billy club and picking an apple off of the vendors fruit stand are over, It is a life and death situation for each one of them on a daily basis.


If anyone – anyone believes Obama ‘s claims that ISIS is controlled or we have the upper hand on terrorism; I still have about 250 lots left of PRIME swamp and for sale.


Terrorism is just getting started in this world and getting stronger every day.

Terrorists multiply like roaches. Unless they are crushed, someday they may outnumber us.

Roaches are among the fastest reproducing roaches. Adult females can produce from four to eight egg capsules in their lifetime. Each capsule contains 30-48 eggs. The eggs usually take only 20-30 days to hatch (shorter at warmer temperatures like inside a home under a refrigerator–above 77°F)

I did a post on terrorism on 11-05-15 and a few others before I can’t find. The context of them was; terrorism  is not one countries war. It was my recommendation, ALL world leaders put aside their greedy differences, make a rock solid group plan to extinguish terrorism and go at it. When their joint  mission is accomplished, they can go back to hating one another.

This is no joke folks, they are playing for keeps and will not stop until they are put out of business.

Law enforcement knows how to  go after the bad guys but the PC politicians will not let them do their jobs.  I would love to stick all of the bleeding hearts on the front lines,  then ask if they have a different point of view.

This is not a video game were are playing, it is all out war. Nice guys ALWAYS finish last. There is only one thing the enemy understands and respects; people that are more brutal than they are. Cold hard facts FOLKS. We can be brutal with dignity.

Take a country like Singapore. They have rules and regulations. If not obeyed, they deal with the individuals swiftly and accordingly. If someone does not like to play the game their way; they show them the exit door.  That is my kind of living; disciplined and very safe. Is it sometimes harsh? Probably in some respects but look at their results. They put out the fire before it gets out of control.

That is my kind of living; disciplined and very safe. Is it sometimes harsh? Probably in some respects but look at their results. They put out the fire before it gets out of control.


The USA’s leaders should go spend a few years in Singapore and pick up a few suggestion on how to control crime and run a government.

The major problem most politicians have; they want to be popular. Any good boss or person of authority knows that they can not be popular and do their jobs efficiently if they are hung up on being the good guy.

In the long run, a good and fair boss is always looked at through favorable eyes by the people that count.

Commander and Chief

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