It is only business FOLKS

LeBron James opts out of contract with Cavaliers, will become free agent


Folks; it is all about money and the way of doing business.

Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James opted out of the final year of his contract and will become a free agent on July 1, a person familiar with the decision told USA TODAY Sports.

Personally I see nothing wrong if James decides to leave Cleveland for a more lucrative deal.  After all; it is always about the bottom.

He came back to Cleveland an put them on the map. Against all odds he gave the Warriors a good shellacking; came back from impossible odds and wiped the basketball floor with their keasters.

The man has more soldi than anyone could possibly want or use in a lifetime; except if they were a bankrupt, bust-out rapper (to the tune of 53 million dollars), that is married to a real piece of work,  who has a bimbo for a mother.I think you know who I am referring to.

Being that it is almost impossible to predict what the celebs are up to, this may just be a publicity stunt to see how much dust the Jame’s camp can kick up.

If the Big Man does decide to get a hat again, Cleveland die hard fans can be pissed off for a few more years until he make yet another triumphant return.


Cleveland wanted a winner – he gave them one, I think his obligations were met.

As a side note:

Up until now James has been an exceptional role-model for all the kids in this country and around the world for that matter.  Some of the adults (in all races) should take note to the way he conducts himself. It has nothing to do with the fact he is loaded; he is a polished man.

I hope he keeps it up and does not for get where he came from (that is extremely hard to do). A very big stumbling block for many people that do not know how to handle success.

My hat is off to the Super Jock.


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