Business as usual – almost

BOUNCING BACK: Business resumes at Istanbul airport hours after terror attack leaves 41 dead, 239 injured

Sad to say that tragic incidents like the bombing in Turkey have become so commonplace that many people regard them as part of their daily routine.  Step over the dead people and keep going. We can safely say that society is getting somewhat anesthetized by these events.

Istanbul Terror Attack Photos: Pictures From the Scene [GRAPHIC]

There really isn’t much anyone can do after these atrocities occur except clean up the areas – conduct an investigation and then go about business as usual like they never happened.

This is a good example of what our civilization (if you want to call it that) has evolved into. The most pathetic part of theses deadly scenarios is; the outlook for their reduction or elimination looks very bleak.  The only light at the end of that tunnel is the Eurostar coming at us at 200 miles per hour.

Terrorism is virtually almost impossible to eliminate. The people involved in the organizations look just like any other citizen, the bombs they carry are undetectable under their loose  clothing and worst of all they don’t care if they kill themselves.

As I have alluded to many time about educating the kids in the USA on how to live their lives; the same principles applies to the radical terrorists groups. The ONLY thing that is going to turn this around is to educated their kids that this is not the way to live their lives.  Killing and blowing people up is NOT the answer to world peace.

Do I see this ever happening?  The odds of that happening are as great as someone trying to climb Mt. Everest using only their tongue.

What a pathetic way mankind has chosen to live their lives.

shooting from the hip

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