How many different ways ….

USA Today

WASHINGTON — House Republicans say that despite stonewalling by the Obama administration they were able to conclude a two-year investigation into the 2012 terror attacks in Benghazi with an 800-page report that blames politically motivated bureaucratic delays for failing to prevent or stop the deadly attacks that claimed four American lives.

How many different ways can anyone say that the Benghazi tragedy/slaughter was the fault of the Obama administration handled it?  Evidently 1,000’s of ways.  It took 800 pages – 800 pages and a 5 years – 5 year investigation to come up with those findings. How many different ways can a simple phrase be said???? It was the fault of the Obama administration!

I don’t know about anyone else that is a good patriotic American; who for the most part had faith and trust in the America way. We all, on all sides of the isle have been grossly used and abused by this and other administrations. Only difference is; some people are smart enough to see it and the other are


Personally I think that the dirty  politics, cover-ups, lack of transparency, deliberate lies – executive privileges – sheltering known criminals, conscience deception of the American people,  secret whore deals being made are all outrageous conditions that exist and are purposely being swept under the rug like they never happened.

Why in the name of anything that is sacred, should it take 5 years and 800 pages of documents to conclude; It was the fault of the Obama administration! It just does not add up. Most politicians think, the more complex they make their jobs look the better they can justify them.

The only conclusion anyone can come to is; if they drag their feet long enough and try to avoid the issues; they hope they disappear. There can be no other excuse for the mismanagement of our government. 

I want to make it clear; this administration is not the only pick-pocket in the crowd. Deception has persisted for generations in government.

This guy could have conducted the Benghazi a lot quicker and efficiently than our politicians did.




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