An absolute disgrace

Former Indiana student charged in 2 rape cases accepts plea deal, gets probation

These injustices to rape victims in this country and around the world for that matter seem to be picking up steam and all in the wrong direction.

John Enochs a former Indiana University student was sentenced Thursday to one year of probation. One year of probation for raping 2 girls in separate incidents. The  plea deals that are arranged by the ambulance chasers and the incompetent  judges  are totally out of line and should not be permitted.

Last week Brock Turner, the ex-Stanford swimmer sentenced to six months in jail on a sexual assault conviction. I will call that another whore deal.  What are these dishonorable judges looking at? What if it were their daughter or granddaughter??

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Both could be poster commercials for the Pimple of the month club.

I watched a segment on the tube last night about the ladies in the military that have been sexually assaulted or raped by their fellow male service members. It is disgraceful what the military puts them through. Instead of the ladies being the victims they make them out to be the culprits.

Many of them have had their cases covered up – denied action – reversed the circumstances by blaming them – some drummed out of the military – given discharges before they were ready to leave.  Some have fought battles of depression and guilt – have been ostracized by their piers – attempted suicide and were never given the justice they deserve.

In some case the incidents go unreported because the ladies know they will not get any satisfaction.  I think it is shameful of the judicial systems, in and out of the military to be so lax in their obligation to protect the ladies.

I have always maintained; even a lady of the night can be raped if she say NO. No means NO.

I do have to expound on the fact that MANY ladies/young girls do put themselves in precarious positions at times by dressing improperly – drinking – taking drugs and going to places they do not belong.  They have to remember the old saying; a man’s —- has no conscience. Don’t put yourself into those dangerous environments; you can cut the odds of getting raped or molested dramatically.

As far as the authorities go; start taking more appropriate action in these case; society has to protect the ladies. The good ones are the backbone of our society.

Let us not forget that rape in some states used to constituted the death penalty years back when the promiscuity levels were not so readily accepted.

In many case involving the younger girls; I blame the PC-parents for allowing them to get involved with the wrong crowds or go places they shouldn’t.  There is absolutely no way I would allow my teenage daughter to go to Aruba or destinations like that on spring break or any other time.

Get back to the basics (the old way) FOLKS. We didn’t have 1/10 of these problems.


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