Hamilton – hot dogs -humble pie – handshakes

Fox News

Clinton campaign offers chance to see ‘Hamilton’– at a cost

Lets assume that I did have 100  G’s to piss away; it sure would not be on this dinner package, the new scheme the Clinton campaign came up with to generate funds for the election.

If one so desires; for $100,000.00 they can attend of the Broadway musical hit Hamilton and dine with the Clinton’s after the performance. 

I checked out the regular ticket prices bought on the internet; they cost between 1,600.00 for nose bleeds and 2,4000 for court side. The same ticket the Clinton Machine are hawking are 2,700.00 for nose bleed and 10,000 for court side. I would conclude that someone is making a hell of a profit.

To put the icing on the Filet Mignon; if anyone has rolled a couple of rich drunks (beat up   and robbed) recently  and came away with a chunk of change, they can include, along with the play, dinner with the Clinton’s for a whopping $100,000.00. Caution FOLKS; that may not include the tip???

One more bonus in this deal of the century conglomeration; all donors get to have their picture taken with Wild Bill and whats her name.

I really don’t know if that is legal. I know the donations are legal but selling tickets to a play, plus dinner and a photo session; that may be stretching the rules (if there are any) in the bill of rights of campaign donating.

I would hire F. Lee Bailey to look into the matter for me but I understand the lad is busy filing bankruptcy because he owes the government 5 mmmillion dollars.

What Lee Baby should do is ax Albert Sharpless how he has been able to bet the system for so long, not paying his taxes. I heard through the grapevine that Sharpless was trying to get Calhoun the lawyer from  the Amos and Andy show to represent him but he did know the guy died in 1965.


Those were the great days when NO  ONE had a chip on their shoulder. We would have expected that through evolution and help from the government, things in the racial department would have made great strides in the improvement column but they did a reverse and only got worse.

I think a good majority of racial issues today were deliberately concocted to keep people pissed off. There is no reason in the world that IF our government wanted racial tranquility that it could have been achieved.  After-all we elected a black man to the presidency that was supposed to clean things up. That is another long story in itself.

Back to the Clinton bash. I wonder what is on the menu. Must be a very expensive of Kobe Beef with the trimmings. After the theater is paid for, that leaves $90,000.00 for the banquet.

After reading about the Clinton’s bash; the light bulb in my head clicked on. I am now thinking seriously of throwing a shindig called the The Goomba Gazette Gala. The package will include front row seats at a UFC title fight – limo service from the hotel to the venue – all the beer and hot dog the guest can eat at the fight – dinner following the event at a local Italian American club – tip included and limo service back to the hotel.

The menu is going to feature pasta fagoli and or wedding soup – bruschetta – braciole – neck bones (nothing like sucking the meat off of a neck bone), sausage, meat balls, pork hocks in the sauce (some rookies from NY and Chicago call it gravy – don’t ask me why) angle hair pasta or # 6’s as a pasta choices – spumoni and tiramisu filled cannolis for dessert. Bring your own mopeeni if you are a sloppy eater.


If anyone is hungry after that feast, there will be a couple of ladies carrying baskets filled with capacoli & Genoa salami sandwiches around for fillers. Each table will gave a 1 gallon jug of Campobasso red wine imported directly for the other-side (retail price 29.95 plus tax).

90                        111

The total cost of the affair per couple will be well under $450.00 a pop; depending on what the court side seats cost. As soon as I can put this together I will be advertising it on the website.

Can the Clinton’s top that??

Dress code: ladies a skirt and blouse – men sport jacket and dress pants. No tennis shoes or filp floops.

To cap off the evening; each participant can have their  picture taken with the Commander and Chief as a memento of the Gala event Commander and Chief .

Probably will be worth a few dollars somewhere down the line.

shooting from the hip

Footnote: No supporters of  Clinton for The Big Chair campaign will be permitted to purchase tickets.





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