Flying with the enemy

Yahoo News

Boeing Signs Deal to Sell Planes to Iran

Is it just me or am I the only one that sees a problem with American companies doing business with the enemy????

The Giant/Greedy airline company Boeing is in the process of inking a 25 BBBBillion dollar deal with Iran.

There was an old term used; sleeping with the enemy – this situation is a little different; Boeing is flying – wining and dining with the enemy.

Who can we thank in part for this little financial arrangement? The Obama administration.  This deal and many others like it are a result of the sanctions being lifted from Iran when we had them by the goolunies.

I can say without reservations, the United States of America, because of it’s leadership is it’s own worst enemy.  The people that are running the show are running this country into the ground. It is like a Thanksgiving dinner – it took weeks to prepare for it and they demolished all the food in 5 minutes. It took over 200 years to set the standards in the USA and 7 plus years to chop them up.

What is the answer to all of this disloyalty to our country by a few powerful people that hold the purse strings? All I can say it will all come out in the wash.

All of these irrational and no commonsense moves will not show all of the disastrous effect immediately but believe me; they is coming and soon.

There should be laws in place that prohibit any American company doing business with our known enemies. Most probably the reason their isn’t; because the people that write the laws/regulations are getting their palms greased and part of the scheme.

By the time this administration is finished inflicting all of it’s damages, it will take years to repair, that is if the right person gets into the Casa Bianca.

End of story

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