Red light camera stopped the judge in his tracks

Texas judge accused of hatching secret deal with red light camera company

What we have in the Lone Star State is a dishonorable judge that tried to come up with a new way to make a little side money.

A Texas judge named Joel Patrick Baker had the law arm of the law do a reverse on him. He was cuffed and hauled away to the calaboose for trying to put together a dirty deal with American Traffic Solutions. The company installs traffic cameras to catch offenders speeding or crashing traffic lights.


The guy looks like a prick to me!!! Note that he has his name plate written backwards. Should be Judge Joel Baker. 

I wonder how many people this dishonorable dude has fined and sent to jail for a lot less than he did?

On top of being a crook; his dishonorable is a dumb crook. The State of Texas banned the the use of Red Light traffic cameras but in the mind of this majestic magistrate he thought he could get them approved in his county. Would that not throw up a red flag or should I say a red light that someone would take notice too??

In a score from 1 – 10, 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest, this soon to be jail bird gets 2 for being a thief – 1 for dishonoring his position and a  minus 1 for being stupid.  This is underhanded attempt at thievery is certain to put Baker in the halls of shame.


What an embarrassment to Baker’s family. Ne day on top of the bench looking down at offenders; the next on the inside of a jail cell looking out. Best of all he did it with a judicial robe on.





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