How deep are the Clinton Machine connections

To answer that very foolish question; I would say their connection and power in the government is about as deeply rooted  as anyone can get.

How much evidence does the FBI or any other organization within the US government need to move forward and press charges against Wild Bill’s wife?? It has become an absolute mockery to the justice system. They are beating the hell out of this blindfolded broad.


Every honorable thing that the USA stands for (not much these days) has been walked on, kicked in the teeth, used and abused by Wild Bill and company.  All the while, behind the scenes they are  laughing at all of their mesmerized/lost sheep followers.


It could have been your daughter FOLKS.  Wild Bill had no boundaries or limitations.

The case still isn’t closed as far as the public knows but from all indications the FBI has become just another pawn in the big chess Obama is playing.

If any one in the government had the balls to try and convince me that if Bill’s wife was just an ordinary citizen she would not have been locked up long ago; I would call them a downright degenerate liar.

The Clinton Machine not only has political clout but they also have the big $$$$$ to buy off whomever they need to. That is a mighty powerful combination.

All we can do is hope that Lady Justice takes off her blinders and executes her justice as she should.

I would love to see the FBI renew it’s reputation of years of a superb, honorable service and do what is right for the American people.

shooting from the hip

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