The light FINALLY went on

Senators strike compromise to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns:

Is this long overdue or what?  It should not take a tragedy for these people to step up and do their job.

A group of nine senators on today unveiled a bipartisan  compromise aimed at keeping guns out of terrorists’ hands in the wake of the June 12 Orlando shooting. What the hell have they been waiting for. It doesn’t a rocket scientist to see that an issue like this is long overdue.

The bill: would allow U.S. citizens and green-card holders to appeal a decision blocking his or her purchase of a firearm, and if successful, to be awarded attorney’s fees. It also contains a look-back provision so that if anyone has appeared in the government’s broad terrorism database over the last five years, the FBI would be immediately notified if they attempt to buy a gun.

Anyone that attempts to SHOOT this bill down should be given a one way ticket to Syria or Iran after they are given a severe beating.

It is about time these PPP (PC pathetic politicians) do something proactive instead of sitting on the hands waiting for a catastrophe to happen.

Will this bill do any good now? Probably not but at least there is an attempt to shut down all of the questionable,  potential assault firearm purchasers in the future.

The legislation spearheaded by Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, would prohibit people on the government’s no-fly list and the government’s selectee list used for extensive screening at airports from purchasing a gun.

The light finally went on in a few of the Goofy politicians heads.


Keep the ball rolling FOLKS, there is a lot more work to do. Go after them – don’t let them come after us!!!

I am elated that I can finally say something positive about the Boys on the Hill.



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