Crazy Connor


There’s Something Strange About Connor McGregor’s ‘Furious’ HGH Denial;

I always knew there was something about Crazy Connor that put him into the twilight zone he seems to stay in. No one in their right mind acts the way this guy did or does and not be ON SOMETHING.


Mc Gregor actually acted like he was insane in and sometimes out of the ring.  His tactics have worked for him many times in the past by beating his opponent physiologically before the closed the cage door behind them. It is now apparent that the drugs he was on were definitely a contributing factor to his erratic behavior.

It can be compared to giving a race horse a heavy dose of a drug to make them run faster. They may have won the race anyway but the drugs substantially increased their chances.

When the suspicions of Connor using drugs first surfaced he denied completely he was on anything. Now that the investigation has escalated, it has been established that he is taking or has taken the drugs Mexadrox, Testadrox and who knows what else.

The UFC / cage fighting is deadly enough without allowing someone to enhance their power and the potentially of them killing someone in the ring. It is one rough sport and that may happen without any drug assistance.

I really believe that many of the organizations governing these sports are aware of their fighters being doped up but do not make a move until they are forced into it. It all revolves around the $$$$$$.

The UFC is now talking about banning the Irishman for 2 years.




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